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Sustainable Solutions To Your Outdoor Living Space.

Welcome to Middle Sound Landscaping. We provide environmentally-friendly landscape contracting services for the design, installation, and management of your outdoor spaces.

As our client, you dictate the style and form of your project, and we deliver the experience and know-how to make it a reality. Whatever your budget, we provide sustainable solutions that account for your long-term management needs.

From sod, plants, trees, and hardscapes, to new construction and managed care, Middle Sound Landscaping delivers lasting service for all your landscaping needs. Whether you want to renovate a portion of your landscape or your entire outdoor space, we’ll help to provide a sustainable solution to your outdoor living space.

We thank you for taking the time to view and enjoy our web site.  As you begin to know us, we also look forward to the beginning of a sustainable relationship with you.

Chip Baker