Do-It Yourself

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Many of our clients are garden enthusiasts, and they like to play a part in their landscaping projects.

If you have the desire to participate in your own project and just need a little help getting there, this service may be for you. We’ll do the heavy lifting and equipment work for you, or we’ll simply deliver quality plants to your door just prior to your start date.

Examples of our Do-it-yourself services are as follows:

  • Design: help you design your project
  • Consultation: a common sense approach to defining and prioritizing the steps needed to staging your materials and seeing your project through to completion
  • Material purchasing and delivery: We have the best insight on the use of commercial grade products, where to purchase them and the equipment to deliver the materials to your project site
  • Plants and Trees: Let us deliver to your door Top quality plants. Guaranteed to be better quality, selection and price than the big box stores
  • Mulching: We can deliver any type of mulch to your project site when needed.