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News and Calendar

Master Gardener Schedule

The 2011 Master Garden class schedule is now postedAny NHC Master Gardener is welcome to attend any of the 2011 Master Gardeners training classes offered this February and March. I have posted the syllabus to the website, to view click here . I...  

Bee Keepers School

Love honey, worried about wild bee populations, every wanted a bee hive of your own? Well The New Hanover Bee Keepers Associations holding a bee keepers school starting January 19th But the dead line to enroll is January 15th. Classes will be in the evening to enroll, contact Deborah Flora at (910) 762-9073.    ...  

Winter Watering

A quick note on watering, do not forget to water those plant you installed this fall. Although, a plant’s water needs are lower now they still need some care in order to succeed. Most established plants are fine with the natural rainfall. However, if we enter a prolonged period with no rain you should give your plant(s) a ...