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Large Patch

If your lawn suffered Large Patch this spring, then the end of this month is time for you to think about treating affected areas.  This disease is easier to prevent than it is to treat. It prefers cool soil temperature, wet conditions and over- fertilized turf.   Keeping your lawn growing at a moderate but healthy rate with moderate watering of about 1” per week is the best defense to Large Patch. For those that did everything right and still have Large Patch, the website address below has the latest fungicide recommendations. The basic procedure is to apply fungicides to the affected area in ample water to move the product down into the thatch. Another point to remember is to do a follow-up treatment 30-45 days later. Don’t wait for signs of Large Patch to return this fall; effective treatments start before symptoms of the disease are noticed.

Written by Ken Wells, New Hanover County Consumer Horticulture Agent.